About Me

DavePix - Original
I love to capture life's images using a digital camera, and I really enjoy it when lives are enriched by the photos I've taken. When photographing people, I prefer candid shots, and make extensive use of a telephoto lens to capture natural expressions. 

I thoroughly enjoy watching my son's sports activities through the camera lens, capturing action moments so that they can last a lifetime (they grow up SO fast, don't they!) I also enjoy taking pictures showing the natural beauty found throughout God's creation. 

It is my personal belief that photography has the potential to enrich lives for generations, and as such, should be regarded as a durable investment for both the present & the future. If you see photos here that you find compelling, then I encourage you to reward yourself - or someone you care about - with a unique gift which captures one of life's special moments! 

Thanks for visiting my website, and come back often, as I take A LOT of pictures!